Ultra Low Refrigeration

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Recool Ltd have a very long history in the Industry
  1. 1978 - 2008
  2. Richard English, founder of Recool, started work in the Air-Conditioning industry in the late 1970's, working through an apprenticeship and on into industry.

    He then moved to London for several years, before moving out to California for 3 years, where he gained extensive experience in the Air Conditioning and Climate Control industries.

  3. 2008 - 2014
  4. Having returned from California, Richard started Recool as a sole trading operator in 2008 and despite the largest and most profound economic crash in the histroy of the state, not only survived the crash, but thrived, as industry came to recognize the unique skills and service levels Recool brought to Ireland.

  5. 2014 - Present
  6. Recool became Recool Ltd in 2014 and has since become the Irish agent for Snijders Labs Ultra Low Freezers.

  7. Ultra Low Refrigeration Systems
  8. Snijders Labs manufacture ULT-freezers, climate chambers and incubators for over 35 years. They are ISO-9001 certified for Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Service.

    Snijders Labs operate worldwide by co-operating with factory certified and trained distributors for installation and service.

    By adapting to customer requirements, focusing on technology and functionality, Snijders Labs are able to strengthen their market position and continuously improve quality.

On-site Evaluation

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System Design and Planning

Recool Ltd can help you design and plan your installation, taking it from an idea to a fully functional system, while being flexible in approach and logical in its execution.

Preventive Maintenance and Repairs

Recool Ltd will help you maintain your new system or repair and maintain your existing systems. We use industry leading equipment and technology to ensure you always get the best outcomes.

Fast Response Times

Recool Ltd respond quickly to your requests and can be with you within a very short period of time - we cover all of Ireland and are centrally located on the motorway network to get to you quickly.

Maintenance Contracts

Protect your Investment

Insist on the Best

Most reputable Air to Air System manufacturers require a suitably qualified installer to install these systems.

Air to Air systems are specialized and expensive pieces of equipment that should give many years of service, provide they are installed correctly.

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