Ultra Low Refrigeration

Ultra Low Refrigeration Systems

Recool Ltd are Irelands dsitributor for Snidjers Labs range of Ultra Low Refrigerators

These systems are highly specialized, cascade systems that are used in research, food science, bio-pharama and other high end industries. They require a unique skill set to install and support these systems and are quite often mission critical components in a production or research chain.

It is vital to choose a partner that fully understands the nature and working of these units as they quite often hold extremely valuable items that cannot be exposed to fluctuations in temperature.

Choosing the right partner, who will offer a fully backed service contract is as important as choosing the right unit

We can offer the following key services to you in this area.

  1. Design and Consultation Service
  2. Supply and Installation Service
  3. Preventive Maintenance Contract
  4. FGAS Maintenance Certificate and Log

Covid-19 Vaccine Storage

Some Covid-19 Vaccines require storage in very tighly controlled temperature ranges

Getting this wrong can render a vaccine useless or degrade its effectiveness.

It is vital you choose a partner / supplier that understands both the capabilities and limitations of Ultra-Lo systems.

Don't risk your business or lives by choosing incorrectly specified or poorly manufactured Ultra-Lo Storage units.

Recool Ltd can provide you with the systems and knowledge you require to properly store and manage your vaccines.

Recool Ltd already supply and maintain systems in some of Irelands best known companies and research facilities

  1. Research Labs
  2. Universities
  3. Pharmaceutical Companies
  4. Large Hospitals
  5. Other Healthcare Facilities

On-site Evaluation

Nationwide Cover

System Design and Planning

Recool Ltd can help you design and plan your installation, taking it from an idea to a fully functional system, while being flexible in approach and logical in its execution.

Preventive Maintenance and Repairs

Recool Ltd will help you maintain your new system or repair and maintain your existing systems. We use industry leading equipment and technology to ensure you always get the best outcomes.

Fast Response Times

Recool Ltd respond quickly to your requests and can be with you within a very short period of time - we cover all of Ireland and are centrally located on the motorway network to get to you quickly.

Maintenance Contracts

Protect your Investment


Most reputable ultra low manufacturers insisit on having a maintenance contract in place as part of the supply and installation agreement.

Do not be tempted to leave this vital part of the process out, or hand it to someone who has not got the pre-requisite skills to adequately maintain these units.

Ultra Low systems are highly specialized and valuable pieces of equipment and in many cases, the value of their contents far outweigh the cost of the unit.

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